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I-SBAR-R is a mnemonic to aid in safe handover of patient information and improve communication and decision making. This technique improves efficiency and accuracy.

I stands for identify which can include information such as who you are, the patient you are referring to, their age, gender, and any other important identifying factors.

The Situation

S stands for situation which includes information, such as the reason for contact, diagnosis, or changing conditions.


B stands for background which can include a brief history of the patient or precipitating factors to the current situation at hand.


A stands for assessment. Vital signs, physical assessment, mental state, or precipitating factors to current situation.


R for recommendation involves making suggestions for what action should be taken or an explantion of what you require and how urgent this need is.

Reading back order

R for readback is an important step to verify any direction given and confirm orders to minimize errors.

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