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Registered Nurse (RN)
Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume 2, 3rd Ed.
Healthcare Systems

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Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume 2, 3rd Ed. | Registered Nurse (RN) School Study Aid

Healthcare Systems
6 Picmonics to Learn | 14 mins
Nursing Delivery Systems
Functional Nursing
Team Nursing
Primary Nursing
Total Patient Care
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2 mins
Principles of Delegation
Assigning Responsibility
Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP)
Noninvasive Procedures
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Stable Patients with Predictable Outcome
Dressing Changes
Select Med Administration
Registered Nursing (RN)
Unstable Patients
Parenteral Therapy
Discharge Planning & Health Education
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3 mins
5 Rights of Delegation
Right Task
Right Circumstance
Right Person
Right Direction/Communication
Right Supervision/Evaluation
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1 min
FEMA Levels of Disaster
Levels of Disaster
Level I Disaster
Level II Disaster
Level III Disaster
Nurse's Role In Disaster Planning
Personal and Professional Preparedness
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2 mins
Phases of Disaster Management
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2 mins
Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment (START)
Red: Immediate (Critical)
Yellow: Delayed (Urgent)
Green: Minor (Ambulatory)
Black: Deceased (Expired)
Step 1: Movement
Ability to Walk
Step 2: Respirations
Spontaneous Breathing
Respiratory Rate
Step 3: Perfusion
Check Circulation
Step 4: Mental Status
Mental Status
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4 mins

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