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Maternity and Women's Health Care, 12th Ed., Lowerdermilk, Perry, Cashion & Aldon, 2020 | Nursing (RN) School Study Aid

18 - Fetal Assessment During Labor
4 Picmonics to Learn | 8 mins

Decelerations (and Accelerations) Overview
Variable Deceleration
Cord Compression
Early Deceleration
Head Compression
Late Deceleration
Placental Insufficiency
2 mins
Early Decelerations
Fetal Head Compression
Occurs During
Uterine Contractions
Placement of Internal Mode of Monitoring
Vaginal Examination
Fundal Pressure
Normal Pattern
1 min
Late Decelerations
Uteroplacental Insufficiency
Occurs During
Disruption of Oxygen Transfer to Fetus
Abnormal Pattern
Discontinue Oxytocin
Oxygen with Non-Rebreather (8-10 L/min)
Side-lying Position
Elevate Legs
Increase Rate of IV Solution
2 mins
Variable Decelerations
Umbilical Cord Compression
Occurs During
Abnormal Cord Position
Transition Phase
Oxygen with Non-Rebreather (8-10 L/min)
Change Maternal Position
Discontinue Oxytocin
2 mins

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