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Biochemistry is a subsection of science that brings together biology and chemistry, dealing with chemical processes that occur in the human body. This is typically seen as a harder subject to tackle in medical school, but erase your fears! No more waking up in cold sweats from a nightmarish biochemistry exam! This study guide presents those highly-tested biochemistry principles, key reactions, and associated disease states in an understandable and interesting format, allowing for maximum comprehension in the least amount of time to increase your retention for classes and the USMLE Step 1.

110 Picmonics to Learn | 3 hrs 58 mins

Molecular & Cellular Biology
21 Picmonics
45 mins
Principles of Molecular Biology
Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
13 Picmonics
29 mins
Principles of Cellular Biology
Fundamentals of Cellular Biology
1 Picmonics
1 min
Cellular Reproduction
7 Picmonics
14 mins
Nutrition & Metabolism
89 Picmonics
3 hrs 14 mins
Fat-soluble Vitamins
11 Picmonics
26 mins
Water-soluble Vitamins
14 Picmonics
33 mins
Minerals & Trace Elements
5 Picmonics
7 mins
Other Nutritional Disorders
2 Picmonics
3 mins
Fundamentals of Metabolism
7 Picmonics
12 mins
Metabolic Pathways
8 Picmonics
26 mins
Glycogen Storage Disorders
4 Picmonics
10 mins
Lysosomal Storage Disorders
9 Picmonics
14 mins
Mitochondrial Myopathies
4 Picmonics
4 mins
Amino Acid Metabolism Disorders
7 Picmonics
15 mins
Lipid Metabolism Disorders
6 Picmonics
18 mins
Other Metabolic Disorders
12 Picmonics
24 mins

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