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Other Neurology Assessments
4 Picmonics to Learn | 5 mins

Motor Neuron Signs UMN and LMN
Upper Motor Neuron (Increases)
Increased DTRs
Positive Babinski
Spastic Paralysis
Clasp-Knife Reaction
Lower Motor Neuron (Decreases)
Decreased DTRs
Negative Babinski
Flaccid Paralysis
Muscle Atrophy
2 mins
Glasgow Coma Scale
LOC Assessment
Score of 3 to 15
8 or Less = Coma
Eye Opening
Verbal Response
Motor Response
1 min
The Auditory System
Outer Ear
Middle Ear
Inner Ear
Organ of Corti
Inner Hair Cells
Basilar Membrane
59 secs
Chorea and Athetosis
Sudden Jerky Movements
Snake-like, Writhing Movements
Basal Ganglia Lesions
Huntington's Disease
Acute Rheumatic Fever
Treat Underlying Disorder
1 min

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