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PATHOMA: Fundamentals of Pathology, Medical Course and Step 1 Review | Medical (MD/DO) School Study Aid

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2 Picmonics to Learn | 5 mins

Von Willebrand Disease
Mixed platelet and coagulation disorder
Autosomal Dominant Condition Leading to Reduced vWF
Defect in platelet plug formation
Increased Bleeding Time
PTT increased
Factor VIII decreased
Normal platelet count
DDAVP (synthetic vasopressin)
1 min
Vitamin K
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Synthesized by Intestinal Flora
Activated by Epoxide Reductase
Gamma Carboxylation of Glutamate
Activation of Clotting Factors II, VII, IX, X, Protein C and S
Deficiency with Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
Neonatal Hemorrhage with Increase PT and aPTT
Warfarin is a Vitamin K Antagonist
4 mins

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