Spring Updates from Picmonic

April showers bring new features from Picmonic! We’re constantly evaluating your feedback to determine what we should build next, and we’ve been pretty busy over the past few months. Here are the latest updates from the team at Picmonic.

 1. A new friend in the Picmonic store. You’ll notice that the Picmonic store now features a medical serpent and a MCAT cat. Med students who are already familiar with Picmonic’s offering will enter the store and shop the icon labeled “MED” and pre-med students prepping for their big entrance exam will soon be able to enter the store with the “MCAT” icon.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.24.46 PM

2. Did you say Picmonic for MCAT?! That’s right, and it’s a pretty big deal. We’re getting ready to release a brand new line of Picmonic cards to help pre-med students master the Bio section of the MCAT exam. So if you know a pre-med student preparing to apply for medical school, or if you’re just curious and want to check out some amazing new Picmonic cards, you can access the free beta now at picmonic.com/mcat.

3. Search for what you want. The search function in the Picmonic Library has been updated based on popular subscriber requests. You can now search individual card attributes, categories, and sub-categories. Now, when you’re trying to find all of the cards that list “fever” as a symptom, you’ll have an easy-peasy way of sifting through your cards right in the Library.

4. Track your confidence level for each card. We added a new feature to the Learning System: the Picmonic card confidence scale. On a scale of 1-5, you can now mark and track your level of comfort with your mastery for each Picmonic card. After going through the card, track how well you think you know the topic, and then revisit it later to track improvement.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.25.01 PM

5. A Picmonic Profile remodel. We’re continuously working to make improvements to the Picmonic profile, because we see it becoming an important piece of the Picmonic experience in the future. You can now quickly access card suggestion and feature suggestion forums, update your user info, and view a comprehensive chart of your mastery level based on your self-selected confidence ratings for each card. Keep checking back to the Profile for new updates and improvements to make your study experience just that much better.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.44.12 PM

6. New cards! Sift through the cards in your Library by thumbnail view to notice which of them are marked with the “New” label. These cards have been added to the Step 1 Collection since it’s January release. We’ll continue to update and release new cards each week, so be sure to check your email and check your Library for updates. If you have suggestions about what other cards to add, make sure your voice is heard in the suggestion forum.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.36.08 PM

7. An easier Intro for each card. The introduction has been a popular feature based on the student feedback we’ve been getting over the past few months, so we’re making it more user-friendly. The Intro for each card will now activate by default on any card you haven’t seen yet. Once you’ve skipped the intro or viewed it, the intro won’t pop up automatically, but will still be available with the click of a button. If you’re not partial to watching the intros before learning each card, you can also deactivate this feature in a preference setting in your profile.

We’re always listening and responding to your suggestions. If you have an idea for what we should do next to make Picmonic the best Learning System for med students ever, just let us know by submitting a suggestion or voting on others. Visit the forum to see what students are already buzzing about!


Erika Bankhead

Erika Bankhead, UI/UX Designer & Student Success Ninja

As Picmonic’s lead Student Success Ninja, Erika works to improve Picmonic for students across the globe. 

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