The Picmonic Scholarship Program for Medical, Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant & Pharmacy Students

Our goal is student success. We provide scholarships to actively enrolled students in a medical, nursing, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or pharmacy program, who demonstrate financial need based on their aid status

If you can demonstrate need based on your financial aid status, please complete this form. Also, follow the steps outlined below regarding proof of enrollment and financial need. Once approved, Picmonic will grant you 6 months of Picmonic Premium, with full access to the Picmonic library for your field of study.  


The Visual Learning Community

Faculty & Administrative Staff



Please complete this form if you would like to apply.*  

You should receive a response within 2 weeks of: submitting  your application and Picmonic receipt of emails from (1) teaching faculty member and (1) administrative staff person (Academic success coordinator, Student affairs officer, Resource Center director, Dean of Students, Program chair, etc) who can confirm active enrollment and financial need, respectively. If we do not receive these emails, we can't process your application.

Scholarship recipients who are: (1) continuing for at least 6 more months of study and (2) are actively enrolled in a class, are eligible for renewal, and are invited to reapply each semester.

 If you are recommending a student for our program, please send an email from your school email address to with the subject: Scholarship recommendation for (name of student). Include your full name, title and contact information in the body of the email, as well as the student's name and email.

Existing Picmonic Members

Existing Picmonic members may apply. If granted, Premium access will be added to the member’s existing plan -- 6 months, or the number of months until the student’s board or certification exam, whichever is sooner.

*There is no application deadline. Applications are approved on a rolling basis. The program may be withdrawn at any time.

Questions? Email