Meet the Picmonic Support Team

If you reach out to Picmonic, you’ll likely be talking to one of a small team of 6– all of whom wear lots of different hats and get to represent you and other users like you across all areas at Picmonic. We’re always here to help you – so get to know us!


  • Senior Marketing Manager & Happiness Ninja
  • Chipotle addict
  • Wrangler of Penny the dog
  • Can have a full conversation using gifs
  • Overly proud of her Xbox Live gamerscore
  • Has rearview mirrors on her desk to avoid being startled
  • Makes useless websites to entertain herself. Case in point:
  • Sets up fun things like promotions, competitions, and feature releases
Erika Picmonic


  • Picmonic Content Illustrator, Email Manager, Marketing Support, and Happiness Ninja
  • Den-Mother of doggos
  • Still definitely believes in aliens
  • Fueled by coffee and true crime
Chelsie Picmonic


  • Proud Picmonic Artist, Seminar-Planner, and Happiness Ninja
  • Known widely for her cookie decorating skills
  • Enjoys making her cats think the place is haunted by calling to them in spooky voices
  • Frightened of all insects
  • New York born and raised
Alana avatar


  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Obsessed with animals, specifically her dog Rogan
  • Disneyland fanatic
  • Proud of her ability to successfully ride a unicycle
  • Nebraska’s biggest fan
Shea avatar
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