Med Students Use Picmonic to Crush Exam Scores

Successful students start using Picmonic from the beginning of medical school. By mastering material early in your journey, review for class exams and board exams is easier, and scores are higher. Our mnemonic and visual learning platform for med students makes learning more effective and efficient. Picmonic is here for you from day one through your licensing exams and into clinical practice.

Master the Facts

  • Concise, impactful videos (2-5 min)
  • Related facts & media help you learn efficiently & effectively
  • Built-in rapid review recall quizzes

Review for Exams

  • Use Playlists as study plans (organized by course topic or text book)
  • Recommended “Picmonics” to study will automatically appear on your home screen
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Efficient STEP Prep

  • Study for USMLE STEP 1, USMLE STEP 2 and COMLEX
  • Research-proven to increase test scores 50%
  • Use with Qbanks as a refresher or to learn topics you are struggling with
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Preview Before Lectures

  • Play Picmonic videos for a quick introduction to topics
  • Familiarity with facts and media ensures lectures lead to mastery of details

Daily Spaced Repetition

  • Exactly what you need to review, when you need to review it
  • Start early so the Spaced-repetition-based Daily Quiz can automatically adjust to increase long-term retention
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Study Scheduler

  • Cover all material you need to know by your exam date
  • Algorithms automatically serve up the topics you need to know at a comfortable pace

Clinicals & Career Success

Med students who started using Picmonic in their early years of medical school achieved dream STEP scores and matched into competitive residency programs. Learning with Picmonic set them up with success during classes and clinicals on their way to becoming practicing physicians.

Hear Their Stories
Hear Their Stories

Ridiculously Effective

Built by medical professionals, Picmonic’s efficient & effective learning system paves your path to success.

What is a Picmonic?

LEARN - REVIEW - QUIZ. We’ve taken what science shows – picture mnemonics work – and boosted their effectiveness with an evidence-based approach that increases retention by 331% & exam scores by 50%.Learn More >


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Study On-the-Go

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Anki Add-On

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Related Facts Made Easy

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Customize & Create

With powerful customization capabilities, your study resources become even more efficient, targeted, and complete.Learn More >