No matter what specialty you are studying, Picmonic can help with topics you are struggling to remember.


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Picmonic is research proven to help you study smarter, not harder. By providing a memorable way to retain facts you’re struggling to remember, and lessening the forgetting curve with a Daily Quiz that adapts to your needs, you’ll study more efficiently and effectively.

Whether you're studying to be a medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, medical lab technician, patient care technician, or if you are a medical student, nursing student, physician assistant student, or if your specialty includes becoming a nurse practitioner, paramedic, pharmacist, or if you are studying occupational or physical therapy, Picmonic has you covered.

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Danielle W.

This #medstudent is seriously loving the new @Picmonic creator! Takes less than 5 min to do a quick creation and the facts still stick!

Danielle W.
Alyssa G.

I tried multiple memory palace resources before, and I can confidently say that Picmonic is the best! What I love about Picmonic is the ability to incorporate new characters and facts into the pre-made Picmonics. Even better, you are able to see facts that other students have added before! Definitely a great time saver and a helpful resource to add extra information from class or other resources. Though, my absolute FAVORITE thing about Picmonic is the ability to create your own Picmonics! It is incredibly easy to make and helps me retain random diseases from my classes. Not only do I watch/make Picmonics, I add them into my Anki cards! This is incredibly helpful to re-see the images over and over again until I get them done. Picmonic is definitely one of the most valuable resources I have purchased for STEP studying!

Alyssa G.Greenville, South Carolina - University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville