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From year 1 of your student journey, enjoy a complete mnemonic video-learning resource with quizzes and built-in spaced repetition. Picmonic covers the most content of any visual mnemonic study resource for medical and nursing students. Since 2012, hundreds of thousands of students have used Picmonic every year, to ace exams and achieve dream board scores. With succinct 2-3 min videos, you'll review more efficiently and remember more in less time.

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Save 40%+ Every Year

That's how much you'll save by choosing Picmonic's visual mnemonic learning system over Lecturio for a 12 month plan. Save even more with a Monthly or 24 month plan (up to $300 per year). Plus you'll get more of the topic coverage you need to succeed at a fraction of the cost.

Over 1 Million Healthcare Students Served

Picmonic is the toolkit of choice for med and nursing students who want to master hard-to-learn topics and retain what they study longer by harnessing the power of picture mnemonics and spaced repetition.

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"Wish I’d Used Picmonic Earlier"

Betiana F.
Betiana F.
RN Student
Orlando, Florida - Valencia Community College

I’m so sad I didn’t hear about Picmonic sooner! I found out it about during finals season in Nursing school. It was amazing! I’ve never been able to retain so much information in so little time! When exam time came, I remembered almost everything I had seen on Picmonic because of the images that had been imprinted in my brain! I’m so happy with this product. It’s seriously worth EVERY PENNY and more! It saved my life and I’ve been telling everyone about it ever since!

"Invest Early & Ace STEP"

Matt K.
Matt K.
2nd year Internal Medicine Resident
Washington - University of Minnesota Medical School

I have used Picmonic all throughout medical school and have consistently scored high on my USMLEs. If you study the Picmonics well the first time, those images will carry through for a long time (I still remember a vast majority of them even as a second year IM resident). It certainly is a great asset to invest in early. It also makes you look pretty intelligent on rounds if you recall details of some of the less common diseases.

"Fun & Engaging"

Elmer F.
Elmer F.
Registered Nurse
Other Nursing
I love Picmonic because it gives me a new dimension of learning nursing concepts in a simple, fun and engaging way! I would highly recommend Picmonic to future nurses who are planning to take the NCLEX® exam.

"Built-in Spaced Repetition"

Charles D.
Charles D.
Med Grad
Kansas City, Kansas - University of Kansas School of Medicine
Picmonic is the most powerful memory aid I’ve ever used. It’s impossible to forget stories like those of Taco-lioness and the Astronaut-police (for tacrolimus and azathioprine), both on test day and during clinicals. Plus Picmonic has an auto-generated spaced-repetition schedule that would have taken me hours of work every week to create myself.

"Time Efficient & Fun"

Stella K.
Stella K.
RN Student
Los Angeles, California - Los Angeles City College

You guys rock. You make learning fun and (almost) effortless. Picmonic works for me because things are kept short and simple. I also like Picmonic because each topic is broken down into assessment, intervention, etc sections. You guys are geniuses. Thank you so much for everything you do.

"All 4 Years of Med School"

Heather Bird
Heather Bird
4th year Medical Student; PNWU-COM
Yakima, Washington - Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Yakima

Picmonic is awesome because it gives me stories and photos to make information stick. If I want more than what is presented, the app is great to suggest other resources to learn from. Since the presented concepts are in short length videos, it makes it convenient to fit review into my daily clinical rotation schedule during quick breaks. I have been using Picmonic since my first year and it has remained relevant over all 4 years of school.

Why Visual Learners use Picmonic

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Successful USMLE Step Prep (How I Scored a 274 on Step 1)

Successful USMLE Step Prep (How I Scored a 274 on Step 1)

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"NCLEX Prep Time Management You Need To Know"

"NCLEX Prep Time Management You Need To Know"

Marlee Liberman, Picmonic’s Master Nursing Scholar shares the time-management methods you need to use when preparing for the NCLEX including time-boxed study plans. Watch now for effective time management when you’re deep in NCLEX prep mode.View webinar >
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lecturio?

Lecturio is a medical school student resource with video lectures, a question bank with board style questions and spaced repetition quizzes. If you are using Picmonic as a quick and efficient way to review facts before an exam, Picmonic’s spaced repetition based quizzes (Daily quiz) will give you a study queue to retain what you’ve studied up until the day of the exam.

Should I use Lecturio and Picmonic together?

Lecturio’s videos may be helpful for re-learning a topic if lectures did not work for you the first time around. However, when it’s time to review for an exam or for STEP 1, Picmonic will be the more efficient resource across all topics given Picmonic’s quick videos and comprehensive coverage of high-yield med school topics.

Both resources offer spaced repetition (Picmonic Daily Quiz and Lecturio Smart Algorithms).

Does Lecturio have an Anki Add-On?

Lecturio does not have an Anki Add-on. Picmonic has an Anki Add-on that enables easy access to Picmonic videos and quizzes from any Anki flashcard.

What does Picmonic have that Lecturio does not have?

Lecturio does NOT have:

  • Recall quizzes (play-learn-quiz)
  • Customization
  • Related Facts (connect related topics)
  • Real-life imagery
  • Alignment with First Aid (so you can use Picmonic as you study First Aid page by page)
  • Anki Add-on, to access Picmonic from any Anki deck
Should I use Lecturio or Picmonic for USMLE Step 1 / Comlex?

Lecturio provides lectures that explain the facts (repeat of lectures), whereas Picmonic is great for efficient, comprehensive reviews of a large body of material, with clever ways to remember the facts (helping you retain more of what you study). Picmonic is research proven to increase retention 331%.

Is Lecturio good for USMLE Step 2?

Lecturio has USMLE Step 2 CK video lectures and a practice questions qbank.

What is Lecturio Bookmatcher?

Lecturio Bookmatcher is a fast way to find relevant video lectures for topics in your medical textbooks. In contrast, Picmonic allows easy access to all the topics you'll need to review for exams with playlists aligned page by page to popular textbooks like First Aid

Does Lecturio have a mobile app?

Yes, Lecturio has a mobile app, rated 4.2 stars out of 5. Picmonic offers a mobile app that you can download for iOS and Android, to enable on-the-go studying even without an internet connection. In 2021, the app has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, and you can read reviews in the App store.

How do I get Lecturio for free?

Students often ask, is Lecturio free? Lecturio offers free accounts with limited features. So it is technically not free, but there is a free level of usage allowed.

Picmonic offers a free level of usage as well, with a limited amount of content available daily.

How many videos does Lecturio have?

There are 600 hours of Lecturio videos available to help you study for STEP.

Is Lecturio worth it?

Med Students: If you were to subscribe to Lecturio monthly for 1 year, the cost of Lecturio would be $210. The same access to Picmonic would be $180, and lower cost plans are available.

Nursing Students: Lecturio costs $9.99 per month. If you subscribe to Picmonic for 1 year you’ll only pay $60, a 50% savings for more than 2x the content. Lower cost plans are available.

By the Numbers

Over 1 million healthcare students have used Picmonic to ace exams and boards/certifications on their way to becoming successful professionals.

High-Yield Facts

*Pass STEP/COMLEX, guaranteed. Start using Picmonic in your first year. If you do not pass we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.