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Picmonic is research-proven to increase retention 331% so PA students students can remember more in less time. Enjoy less stress and more success!

Breanne W.

Picmonic is an amazing studying source. It utilizes multiple studying tools such as visual learning, auditory learning, and memory. It is a creative way to remember the pathophysiology and key facts about each topic. I would highly recommend Picmonic to any classmate or student.

Breanne W.Charleston, West Virginia - University of Charleston
Danielle S.

I am very much a visual learner so this site was HUGE in my didactic success at school. I started using the videos over a year ago and to this day still recall all the characters for the different anemias and leukemias. I have strongly recommended the site to our new students as well and will continue to do so!

Danielle S. - South University - Richmond