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Structuralist views of Crime (Conflict)

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Structuralist views of Crime (Conflict)

Structure creating Criminals with Conflicting-fighters
The structuralist view of crime from a conflict perspective is much different from that of a functionalist. Conflict theorists believe that there is no consensus amongst society about what constitutes right and wrong behavior, and that this mentality depends on where someone falls into social hierarchy. "Deviants" are viewed as "Robin Hoods," who are social rebels violating the norms on behalf of the ordinary citizens.
No Consensus on Right and Wrong
Consensus on Right and Wrong being Torn

The conflict theorist believes that when crime is concerned, there is not a general consensus among society's members about what constitutes right and wrong behavior. Hence, one's ideas about what is criminal/deviant will depend on what group that person belongs to, or where they fit in social hierarchy.

Deviants seen as Robin Hood types
Criminal Robin Hood giving to the poor

The conflict perspective views "deviants" of society as "Robin Hoods." They are social protesters or rebels violating the norms on behalf of the little people, who are ordinary citizens.


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