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Social Problems

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Social Problems

Broken Society
Social problems are problems within major social institutions, and affect the society as a whole. Movements begin with aggregates of people engaging in a collective behavior. These people arise to "do something" about a problem to fulfill a need. Social change then occurs from the activities of a social movement, which gains steam through ongoing interaction. The members agree on a course of action to remedy the problem. Movements need to expand their membership bases to lead to public policy change.
Collective Behavior
Crowd Collecting

Collective behavior describes how social movements begin, and consists of many people working towards a goal. 

Purpose of Collective Behavior
Fullfilling Percieved Need

Collective behavior is usually transitory, and aggregates of people arise to "do something" about a perceived problem, to fulfill a perceived need.

Social Movements
Social-book Movement

Social movements are activities that lead to social change. A movement forms when people identify a problem in their society and decide it is of sufficient magnitude and importance that they need to organize, and find a way to resolve it.

Social Movement's Srategy for Change
Strategizing Social Movement

Change occurs with social movements through ongoing interaction. Members define the problem as they see it, then discuss and agree upon a course of action to remedy the problem.

Expand Membership Base
Expanded Members

The members of the movement need to work out a strategy to sell their conception of the problem and proposed remedy to help accomplish their change goals. Thus, they need to expand their membership base to do the various types of work that are vital to the organization's cause.

Affect Public Policy
Politician changing Policy

Once a majority of citizens get behind the movement's cause, they can press their legislators to "do something" about the problem, affecting public policy.


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