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The conflict perspective is a macro sociological perspective, where it is theorized that the primary focus is competition between social groups. They compete for wealth, power and influence, and groups can be described as the "haves" and "have-nots." Conflict theorists belive that social change is not only good, but it is an inevitable way for society to progress.
Big Macro

The conflict perspective is a macrosociological perspective, because its unit of analysis is the system as a whole.

The struggle between groups for wealth, power, and influence
Fighting for Money and the Throne

The primary focus of the conflict perspective is the struggle between social groups for wealth, power and influence. This struggle can lead to social change and progression.

Haves and Have-nots
Have-money and Have-no-money

Conflict theorists have described society's members as falling into one of two camps; "haves" and "have-nots". The "haves" are a minority who control societal resources, while the "have-nots" aspire to gain control from the "haves." Furthermore, the "have-nots" are still scrambling to get the crumbs the "haves" left behind.

Causes Society to Progress
Society Progressing

Sometimes, the "have-nots" rise up and displace the "haves." This leads to social change, which is viewed by conflict theorists as not only good, but inevitable. They believe this is the way that society progresses.


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