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Benefits of Biotechnology according to Ron Bailey

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Benefits of Biotechnology according to Ron Bailey

Beneficial Biotech Industries producing Bales-of-hay
Ron Bailey, the author of Liberation Biology, described an idyllic world of the future, changed with the addition of biotechnology. He describes how people will celebrate the longevity of life, and eat nutritious foods that have medications that stop aging. With biotech pharmaceuticals, and genetic therapy, diseases and illnesses will no longer affect people, and those who choose can have their anti-social tendencies and depression treated effectively.
Longevity of Life
Old grandmother with youthful body

Ron Bailey describes that with biotechnical advancements we'll be able to celebrate the longevity of life. It will be normal for people to live to 150 years old, and still feel youthful.

Enhanced foods with nutrients and medications
Enhanced foods with pills on Nutritional-plate

He explains how in the future, with the right biotechnology, foods will have a full day's worth of nutrients, along with medications. These will be able to repair damage to an older person's aging cells.

Elimination of Disease and Illness
Clean bill of health

Diseases will be a thing of the past, through Ron's viewpoint, and issues like diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and even infectious disease will no longer plague people.

Control of Anti-social tendencies and Depression
Control of the Anti-social Depressed-emo

In this idyllic world, anti-social tendencies and depression will be managed through new biotech pharmaceuticals and personalized genetic treatments.


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