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5 Styles of Managing Anxiety (in the workplace)

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5 Styles of Managing Anxiety (in the workplace)

(5) Hand Manager causing Anxiety
There are five major ways of managing anxiety that arises in the workplace. People facing anxiety can begin underfunctioning, on their tasks and projects. They can blame others as the cause of their anxiety. Often, people facing anxiety will distance themselves from others in the workplace, or they can gossip about others. Another way of coping with workplace anxiety is overfunctioning, exemplified by taking on many tasks and projects.

Underfunctioning in the workplace may take many forms, and is one way of managing anxiety. People may not meet the requirments of the job, may project helplessness or vulnerability, or may not show up to meetings.

Pointing fingers

Another method of managing anxiety is to blame others in the workplace. This is different from constructive criticism, as this blaming typically doesn't consider tact or timing, making the intensity of the situation greater.

Distanced from others

When anxiety hits, some people can withdraw from a difficult situation or person. Though withdrawal can relieve anxiety and intensity, it can lead to more problems. The more you distance from people in your work group, the more you will become the target of other people's inaccurate perceptions and gossip. This leads to more tension in the long run.

Talking behind someones back

Gossiping is when we talk about someone, rather than directly to them. This is a method of managing anxiety, and the amount of gossiping can reflect the amount of anxiety present. A good rule about gossip is try not to say anything that you wouldn't want to be overheard.


Overfunctioning, or doing too much, can take several forms, and is another method of managing work anxiety. This can be shown by managing several tasks, taking on several projects and becoming overwhelmed.


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