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Behavioral/Learning Perspective of Human Behavior

Behavioral Learning with Perspective-lenses
This learning perspective is different from others, in that it doesn't rely on internal and unobservable notions. Rather, it focuses on the observable roles of the external environment. This perspective is exemplified with applied behavior analysis, where behavior is altered through control of the environment. It relies heavily on vicarious learning and social learning theory.
Study of behavior in most observeable, measureable, and objective ways possible
Observing with Magnifying-glass and Measuring-tape

This perspective sides with the idea that psychology should study how a person behaves in the most observable, measurable and objective way possible. Furthermore, it rejects emphasis on internal and unobservable ideas.

Applied Behavior Analysis
Applying Behavioral-masks

Applied behavior analysis is the systematic application of principles that either increase or decrease the behavior of individuals through the control of the environment.

Affecting behavior through control of the environment
Controlling entry to environment based on behavior

Increasing or decreasing the behavior of individuals through control of the environment is called applied behavior analysis.

Vicarious learning

Vicarious learning is when people learn by watching the behavior of other people. They analyze the successes or failures of others' actions and evaluates whether or not to act in the observed manner.

Learning how to act by watching others
Learning how to act like the Vikings on TV

This characteristic describes the importance of imitation in our behavior, stating that people may learn by observing other people.

Social learning Theory
Social-book Learning

Social learning theory emphasizes the social observational role of learning.

Personality is learned through observations of the environment
Learning what Personality of hairstyle fits within environment

The social learning theory accepts the idea that personality and behavior is shaped through observations in the environment around the person.

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