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The 4 Goals of Psychology

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The 4 Goals of Psychology

The 4 Goals of Psychologist
The four goals of psychology begin with a description of a behavior in an objective manner. The second goal is explanation, where the psychologist explains why a behavior occurs. Prediction is next, and is described as an attempt to anticipate what behavior comes next. The fourth goal is modification, and for the betterment of society or the person, a modification or change of behavior occurs.
Describing with D

First, psychologists start by describing a behavior. This is done in an objective, opinion-free, manner and involve describing how many times a behavior occurs, for how long, where, or with whom.

Explaining-why with E

The second goal of psychology is explanation, where the psychologist asks why a behavior occurs and attempts to identify its cause. The observations from before allow the psychologist to make a probable explanation for the behavior observed.

Predicting with P

Prediction is the 3rd goal of psychology, where there is an attempt to anticipate what behavior comes next, or at some point in the future.

Modifying with M

Finally, modification is a goal of psychology. This goal attempts to modify or change behavior to improve the individual or society.


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