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Criteria of Science

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Criteria of Science

Cry-tears over what makes a Scientist
Psychology, as a science, relies on criteria common to other sciences. These characteristics are empiricism, which is the reliance on observable data, testability, or that explanations can be proved true or false from data, parsimony, meaning that simple expanations are preferred, and finally determinism, explaining that behavior is predictable.
Emperor of Observeable-data

This criteria of science means that there is a reliance on observable data. Empiricism means that behavior should be able to be observed reliably. For example, two different observers should have the same results when viewing a person's behavior in a scientific study.

True or False Test

Testability means that a scientific explanation can be proved true or false by looking at empirical data. As scientists, psychologists avoid untestable explanations.


Parsimony means simplicity, and explains that when two explanations are available to the scientific psychologyist for a behavior, the more simple explanation is preferred over the more complicated one.


Determinism states that behavior is ultimately predictable, because it follows a lawful order. It sides with the idea that if we knew enough about an individual, we could predict their behavior.


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