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Fagan's Theory of Processing

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Fagan's Theory of Processing

Fat-Reagan's Processors
Fagan's theory of processing essentially states that intelligence is processing. This considers the functioning of intelligence across a person's life span. There are two opposing views which were examined by Fagan; the discontinuity and continuity views. The discontinuity view relied on motor-development milestones, and found that it was unable to be predicted if a child would be intelligent or less intelligent later in life. The continuity viewed that intellectual development is continuous and that later development could be predicted with the appropriate testing measures.
Intelligence is Processing
Brain with Intell Processor

Fagan's theory proposed that intelligence is the ability to process information.

Discontinuity View
Discontinous connection

The initial view of intelligence was that you could not predict later development in a child. This rested on the idea that intellectual abilities were based on motor development and abilities and developmental milestones and norms.

Cannot predict later development
Infant intelligence doesn't predict later development

This discontinuity view stated that there was no discernable way to predict later intellectual status from early development, where motor development and milestones were examined.

Continuity View
Continuous connection

The continuity view challenged the discontinuity view, stating that the tests initially observed relied too much on perceptual motor skills. The continuity view argued that intellectual development appears to be continuous, and intellectual processes used by infants appear to be the same as those used later in life.

Can predict later development
Infant intelligence does predict later development

The attentional measures studied in people in the continuity view showed that there was strong evidence for prediction of intellectual performance in a person.


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