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Psychosexual Stages of Development - Oral Stage

Sicko-sexual with Oral-mouth
The oral stage of psychosexual development ranges from the birth to 18 months. It describes the fact that newborns need food and nourishment to survive, and this response is obtained by oral stimulation encouraging feeding responses. Children seek oral stimulation and put objects into the mouth because it feels good.
Birth to 18 Months
Birthday-cake and (18) Moon

The oral stage of psychosexual development begins at birth, and extends to roughly 18 months of age.

Oral Fixation
Oral Pleasures

Because the oral area is the major erogenous zone at this time, the child seems to be constantly seeking oral stimulation, putting many things in the mouth besides food because it feels good. Taking in food orally represents nourishment and survival, but also transcends this instinct to represent nurturing, loving care, which is symbolized by suckling a mothers breast.

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