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Psychosexual Stages of Development - Latency Stage

Sicko-sexual with Lay-in-tent
The latency stage of psychosexual development spans from 6 to 11 years of age, and describes a point in life when the child is less influenced by sexual and aggressive instincts, due to input from the superego. The child seems to focus more on friendships and learning more about the world outside of the family. They develop a disgust of the opposing sex, and this may manifest in adults as latency fixation, which is a disgust towards sex.
6 to 11 years
(6) sax and (11) wand

This stage of psychosexual development typically lasts from the age of 6 to 11 years old.

Disgust towards opposite sex
Kids with cooties

It is in this stage that children can become disgusted by the opposite sex, and identify more with sports heroes and movie stars. They are less influenced by sexual instincts, and want to learn more about friendship and the world.

Latency Fixation
Disgust toward sexual actions

Latency fixation is a consequence of poor development of the latency stage in children. It may manifest in adults as a disgust of sexual actions.

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