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Filmmaking Tungsten Lighting Fixtures 2

Tungsten Bulb
Arri 650W

The Arri 650W is an extremely popular lighting fixture create by the German company, Arri. You can think of it as the stereotypical nerd of lighting fixtures. While it doesn't have the same sheer wattage output as other lighting fixtures, it more than makes up for it with its ingenuity. The Arri 650W uses a specialized glass lens that focuses the light like a magnifying glass. Thus, increasing the intensity of the light. This is especially useful for when you need throw light a far distance.

Space Light
Paper Lantern

The Space Light is a special breed of lighting fixture that is often controlled by the tens, if not hundreds at a time. You can think of them as Chinese Paper Lanterns but with a very powerful tungsten bulb crammed inside. Space Lights are used to evenly illuminate a given space, such as a film studio with green screens set around it.

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