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Filmmaking LED Lighting Fixtures 1

Aputure 300D II
Corn COB

The COB LED is the heart of an LED point source light. It is comprised of hundreds of little LEDs and covered in a specialized yellow protective material. Sorta looking like corn. The extremely dense concentration of LEDs creates an incredibly bright and small lightsource that can be easily modified with numerous light modifiers.

Oversized Laptop Charger

The Ballast of a Point Source Light is like an oversized laptop charger. It takes outlet power (or battery power) and converts it into usable power for the light to consume.

Garden Hose Nozzle

A reflector is often the default lighting modifier used on a point source light. Like the nozzle on a garden hose, the reflector forces the light to shoot out in a more controllable manner. Also like the nozzle on a garden hose, the reflector can be switched out with other lighting modifiers to change the characteristic of the light. This versatility lends to the popularity of point source LED lights, as they can be used in practically any situation with the right lighting modifier.

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