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Filmset Terms

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Filmset Terms

Below the Line

As someone 'below the line', you aren't a part of upper management. Instead, you are responsible for the actual physical work of filmmaking, such as being a camera man, sound recordistmakeup artist, etc.

Above the Line

Boss Baby

Directors, producers, screenwriters, etc., are 'Above the line'. As the 'managers' of the film crew, they directly control the creative direction and funding for the film. 

Call Sheet
Dreaded Paperwork

Call Sheets are shooting schedules; handed out by the director or assistant director. It tells crew members and actors when they need to arrive on set and where they need to be.

Forest Gump

Runners are junior position crew members who are responsible for transporting film equipment onto and off of set. If you are 'above the line', they will also be responsible for your coffee.


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