Triple P: The Picmonic Pilot Program

Picmonic’s got something new up it’s silky sleeve, and we’re all clamoring to know what, why, who, when, whereforearthou, did I leave the oven door open? No but really, we’ve got something cool.



The Picmonic Pilot Program Pleasantly Petitions Participants Personified as Pilots, Preferably People, Precluding Plumbers, Photographers, etc.

Okay, I’ll stop. But let’s explain.

Space travel was once “impossible”. Then good ol’ Amurrrca flew some guys to the moon. Portable cheese was once unfathomable. Now – string, Babybel, canned. Not saying that we’re NASA or anything, but it’s the level we want to be on, pushing Picmonic educational eons ahead of the pack.

Is it possible to take massive amounts of information and deliver it in a learning system that’s sleek, sexy, and totally easy to use? We hope so because, well, we’re already trying – with the release of the revamped V2 of our learning system.

We’ve taken a metric ton of user feedback and suggestions on how to improve our platform’s usability and performance. Then we put it all in an industrial sized blender, made a smoothie and had our entire team drink it. Just kidding! Kind of….. But in a similar process, we’ve masterminded a newly improved learning system complete with a simpler, intuitive interface, better search functionality and categorization, and much more.  We want your studying to be unfettered by performance issues of any kind, and instead, be an experience beyond what you’ve ever envisioned for a poppin’ Friday night with Goljan & Friends.

But as with any new launch, we need to test. And that’s why we’re asking for your help, since we’d rather not have some Tom Hanks Apollo 13-type mess on anyone’s hands.  Houston, it seems I’ve ended up taking 12 consecutive unattractive webcam selfies while trying to study Legionella symptoms.

As a Picmonic Pilot, should you choose to accept this noble quest, you’ll need to put in some time. There will be some surveys, and they will take some minutes. You’ll need to dabble ‘round with the new V2 platform, and we’re requesting your USMLE Step or COMLEX score. Total man hours? Maybe one to two, over the course of the year. And your reward? Wait for it:


*a maple leaf floats delicately to the ground.*

A LEGENDARY discount.

-A mere $99.99 – you’ll have Picmonic access until July 31, 2014!

-A paltry $199.99 – you’ll have Picmonic access until July 31, 2015!

Yes, that is correct. We’re significantly decreasing the cost of a longer subscription for our pilots because for us, your feedback is worth one’s body weight in gold. We take in those comments and responses like a hungry Dyson® vacuum, and our team then goes to work. It’s a win win; we improve, you give feedback and get a discount, we improve our product again… So actually, it’s a win win win. And you know how awesome those are.

Click here to become a Picmonic Pilot Today!

Erika Bankhead

Erika Bankhead, UI/UX Designer & Student Success Ninja

As Picmonic’s lead Student Success Ninja, Erika works to improve Picmonic for students across the globe. 

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