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Thank You for Your Support & Feedback

Dear Picmonic friends and students,

On the first of this month, we made a decision to increase access and affordability to the Picmonic platform. We made this decision with your help, based on your feedback.

Since our launch on January 15th, we’ve been actively listening and responding to all of your comments through emails, phone calls, campus visits, Facebook messages, Tweets, forum posts, Reddit, and YouTube comments. Combined with the testimonials submitted through our learning system, we recognized a few major things:

1. Students are eager to study in new and engaging ways, and they are passionately interested in Picmonic and the efficient results it drives.

2. Our current pricing structure is still being validated since Picmonic is such a new product.

So we’re listening to you. We want to do everything we can to expose students around the world to the power of visual learning with Picmonic. We’re doing that in a few new ways.

You Asked, We Responded

First, we’re expanding access to students and making strides to validate Picmonic as a research driven study tool. We’re offering you the opportunity to become a Picmonic Ambassador and gain unlimited access to the Picmonic learning system and the entire Step 1 Collection for $99, until you pass your exam. Not only is this a great deal, but it’s simple to participate. We just ask that you complete a short, 3-minute survey about your medical education, and agree to submit your Step 1 or COMLEX score to us after you take your exam. In this way, we’re lowering price barriers and increasing access to first and second year medical students. Furthermore, we’re gathering essential data to support the Picmonic learning system for students, educators, doctors, and other medical professionals in the years to come.

Second, we’re giving students the option to purchase any Picmonic subscription at half the price. Many students have inquired about shorter subscription lengths or campus discounts in an effort to make the price more affordable. So we did it for everyone. You can now purchase any subscription length to any Picmonic stack, including the Step 1 Collection for 50% off using the promo code SWEETDEAL (because it really is a pretty sweet deal). This code won’t expire until the end of August 2013.

We are excited to be making such huge progress as a small company in such little time. Since our launch, we’ve served students in more than 200 medical education institutions, and we have Picmonic users in over 45 countries. Our user base is expanding everyday as people continue to discover the power of pictorial mnemonics and audio-visual learning.

We’re lucky to have such a supportive and enthusiastic group of students backing our product, and we can’t wait to see that group grow.  Get in touch with us if you’re a current Picmonic fan, skeptic, free trial user, visual learning believer, memory expert, illustrator, art fanatic, teacher, doctor, student…we’re listening to everyone and taking your feedback seriously. Seriously.

Thanks for being the best students around,

The Picmonic Team



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