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Be Your Own Secret Santa and Gift Yourself Picmonic

Mid-terms and term papers seem to go hand-in-hand with the holidays. School is so much work but we know it will all pay off in the end! If you’re having trouble making the time to study, may we suggest that you gift yourself Picmonic? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! One subscription to Picmonic means that you’ll learn everything you need to pass your exams and get a fancy new job.

So while you’re out getting the perfect sweater for your dad for the ninth year in a row, you should consider getting yourself a little something that will really pay you back in the end. Need more convincing? Here are four reasons you should gift yourself Picmonic this holiday season.

It Makes Studying Fun

Trying to read a textbook and regurgitate facts can really grate on a person and their psyche. Instead of falling asleep while trying to study, get energized! Picmonic makes studying entertaining by bringing learning together with storytelling so studying becomes fun, not a chore. Plus, using Picmonic’s visual aids ensures that you actually learn and you never forget. By test day, you’re ready to go! For forever. So start getting used to being the smartest person in the room.

Picmonic Lets You Study On-the-Go

Plane, train, automobile. No matter how you get to grandmother’s house for the holidays this year, you can stay on top of your study game. Picmonic can be used on your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone so you can study from pretty much anywhere. How easy is that? As a bonus, ‘going to study’ is a great excuse to get out of a conversation with your Great Aunt Esther about why your ex isn’t at dinner! Picmonic really does have all the answers!

Studying Now Pays Off Later

The more you study now, the easier life will be later. Putting your best foot forward means that Future You will have a way easier time landing a job, keeping that job, and having a well-rounded life. Not to put too much pressure on Future You or anything. Picmonic helps you get the grade you need and pass the test that will help you land that awesome position. Sounds like a good plan to us! Future You says, “Thank you!”

It’s on Sale!

We all like deals. Truck month happens every year for a reason. So why not pick up Picmonic when it’s at the best price? Picmonic is running the ultimate black Friday/cyber Monday sale to end all sales so sit down with a slice of leftover pumpkin pie and click right over to Picmonic to get studying for the future today! To get directly to pricing for your area of study, just click the link that applies to you in our handy-dandy drop-down Pricing menu at the top of the page!

There are tons of things to stress about already, so stressing about studying shouldn’t be at the top of your to-do list. Picmonic is a fun way to make studying not just tolerable, but more efficient and(dare we toot our own horn) fun. So make your list and check it twice because Picmonic is the best gift you could ever buy yourself. 

Erika Bankhead

Erika Bankhead, UI/UX Designer & Student Success Ninja

As Picmonic’s lead Student Success Ninja, Erika works to improve Picmonic for students across the globe. 

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