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Picmonic changed my methodology of study. I used to spend a lot of time to learn different topics; right now, I can just put the topics I need into a playlist and play the game. I have more time to review other things and increase my score every day.
– Maria L.,  Med Student, Central University of Venezuela Vargas School

I am a visual learner. I used Picture mnemonics in my Allied Health class YEARS ago & still think of them this day. When I saw Picmonics; the art got me. I had my first exam & Picmonic helped me think through the answers. I know my friends are tired of me praising & tagging. But, as a skeptic, I HAVE to praise what works! Thank you Picmonic!
– Vanessa J., RN Student, Technical College of Low Country

Great, to the point, concise videos that you can watch anywhere in your extra time.
– Corynne C., Med Student, Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport

Picmonic is a lifesaver. Pharmacology section saved me.
– Jonathan P., PA Student, New York Insititute of Technology

Picmonic took down the stress level of learning new topics and re-learning information that I had already been familiar with. I felt much less overwhelmed with all of the material I was expected to know. Picmonic makes sense in my brain and I can use it on my phone, iPad, computer. I have the ability to use Picmonic whenever I have time and I can recall much more when it is test time. The price was steep for me, but since I took the plunge, I really do not regret it.
– Ragen H., NP Student, University of Michigan – Flint

Being an online student means so much more reading in less time. Using Picmonic is a great study aid because it enables me to learn the snippet of a large topic. It speeds up my learning, allowing me to quiz myself more regularly, which is why I need assistance too.
– Esmeralda S., RN Student, The University of Texas At Arlington

Picmonic…is my best friend.
– Kyu-Jin J., Med Student, St. Martinus University School of Medicine

Other study methods pull me away sometimes, but I keep coming back to Picmonic, 
– Josh H., Med Student, University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

Picmonic helped me retain information I wasn’t retaining through reading alone. I’m a very visual learner, so these videos have been so helpful. Even if it’s only one or two facts that I retain, it’s more than I otherwise would have. And the videos are fairly quick. I love how I can take the quiz after to really cement the information I just learned. Perfect for nursing school!
– Pamma D., RN Student,  Western Governor’s University

My grades have really improved since using Picmonic…I wish I would have known how to effectively use it in my first and second semesters.
– Jonathan K., Med Student, Ross University School of Medicine

Picmonic was a life changer! Made review easier and more fun to learn than PowerPoints or flashcards.
– Andee Gower, Med Grad, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

I started using Picmonic for help in my pharmacology class. On the day of the exam, the easiest facts to recall were the ones I studied with Picmonic.
– Elizabeth Lucich, Med Grad, Indiana University School of Medicine

Picmonic is the most powerful memory aid I’ve ever used. It’s impossible to forget stories like those of Taco-lioness and the Astronaut-police (for tacrolimus and azathioprine), both on test day and during clinicals. Plus Picmonic has an auto-generated spaced-repetition schedule that would have taken me hours of work every week to create myself.
– Charles Davis, Med Grad, University of Kansas School of Medicine

265 because of you!
– Mallori, Med Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 

I am a super busy clinical supervisor, so I work well over 40+ hours a week. I also am in a vigorous Nurse Practitioner program. Taking three classes a week along with its workload are a lot! A classmate mentioned use of Picmonics to help with remembering all the pharmacology-related material. I was hooked after the free trial. I still remember the mnemonics and pictures for Pharm II. I highly recommend it for any medical program!
– Nancy Chen, NP Student, Simmons College

This stuff is amazing! The content sticks so much better with Picmonics!
– Daniel Hohenstein, RN Student, University of Northern Colorado

Being in an online accelerated program requires much more reading in a shorter amount of time. With so much material per week to cover before exams, Picmonic helps consolidate the load by highlighting key facts that i can focus on. The speed in which material is covered is beneficial to my time restraint. I highly recommend it for the visual learner too.
– Esmeralda Sutton, RN Student, The University of Texas At Arlington

Karl SchranzI still remember some of the first Picmonic videos I saw in my first few months of Medical School when my friend showed it to me. I was a believer after that.
– Karl Schranz, Med Student, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Abigail HeckethornPicmonic 100% helped me with my confidence level and ability for taking the NCLEX, and I passed within the first 75 questions! The program pulled the most important concepts together for me, putting them in a story form that made it super easy to remember. I even had a few specific questions that I could not help but smirk at, because I could fall directly back on Picmonic’s informative -yet kind of comical – story lines. I do not regret my subscription whatsoever! 
– Abigail Heckethorn, Nursing Student

Matthew Moore
I tried reading all the books “Harrisons, Robins, Moore, etc.” I read for hours and forgot everything within three days. I got recommended Picmonic and my retention went through the roof. The daily review is awesome as you go through the semesters. I’m lost and have no hope of learning the info with out Picmonic.
– Matthew Moore, Med Student, Xavier University School of Medicine

With Picmonic you can assimilate the important information within one to three minutes, instead of spending copious time studying to remember drugs and their classes, drug mechanisms of action, disease constellations and treatments, and microorganism names and characteristics.

– Matt Harlan, Med Grad, University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine

My last hope for pharmacology; it got me through nursing school.

– Cecily R, Nursing Student


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