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Martzio Alia
I was introduced to Picmonic by a very close friend during the second year of medical school. Before that, I didn’t even know it existed.

My first video was the one about Gaucher disease. I fell in love with it. Every little detail stuck in my head. I ended up watching all the lysosomal storage diseases during the first hour of knowing about Picmonic.

Then I found out how I was able to add information, images, and even characters to the actual Picmonic. This feature definitely drew me in & made me purchase their subscription for an entire year.

Picmonic has been a huge part of my learning. I just took the first UWORLD simulation exam and I scored a 275 (99% percentile) and it’s definitely because of Picmonic.

Uworld simulation exam

I used sketchy before & don’t get me wrong, I liked sketchy for Micro & Pharm but I hated how it was pretty much almost impossible to review the videos before a test because you would have to watch HOURS worth of videos to get through it and the screen thing with the little dots that have the info is horrible because you would have to randomly click until you find what you’re looking for. I felt like the videos always had a bunch of extra $#!@ that was unneeded & just distracted you from the actual facts. You also can’t edit anything to the video which was a huge deal to me.

Anyway, I’m not trying to bash Sketchy, but I feel like Sketchy is for average students who are looking for a passing grade only, while Picmonic is for the students who want to excel because they were the ones who knew that extra small detail that changed their score from a 239 to a 245 or a 249 to 255….because one extra correct question on the actual USMLE can mean a few extra points….

Picmonic people, keep up the awesome work & please keep adding more material & content to the website. Love you, peace!
– Martzio, MS3, Saint George’s University Medical School 

Joe HwangMy only regret with Picmonic was not finding out about it at the beginning of PA school! As soon as I got it, I immediately improved in studying more efficiently! I am a big believer in audiovisual learning, creating stories and memory palaces, and spaced repetition – Picmonic has done most of the leg work in putting all these together!

I love that it is created by PAs based on the Pance Prep Pearls. And if you need to remember something from a class lecture that is not in that particular Picmonic, you can custom add notes, pictures, and questions! Picmonic has made pharmacology so much easier!

When I was preparing to represent my school in our annual challenge bowl, I used Picmonic to study because of all the buzzwords incorporated into it. (By the way, we dominated our competition – thanks Picmonic!)
– Joseph Hwang, PA Student, Mercer University

Picmonic literally saved me during my first round of PA school midterms and I can’t wait to keep using it for the next couple years!

– Sherin J., PA-S1, Yale School of Medicine, Physician Assistant Online Program


Tony HoytHave you ever seen a list of facts and you’ve got to memorize 20 of them for a test? You waste all that time memorizing those 20 facts, you get 100% on the test and then it’s gone for forever. You’re going to have to study the exact same way again, right?

With Picmonic you can entertain your way into those 20 facts and you can always refer to a picture when you forget. I remember thinking “I watched a Picmonic on this”. I thought it was so silly at the time. But holy crap it got me to the right answer and that just kept happening, over and over.
– Tony Hoyt, Med Student, University of Arkansas

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Preeti RaoI was first told about Picmonic during Anatomy & Physiology 2 by my lab instructor. I didn’t really think much of it and didn’t listen to him when he first told us about how great of a learning tool it was. “Eh, I can do it myself,” I thought to myself.

Fast forward to nursing school… Nursing school is different in that you have to remember details about diseases and drugs in a VERY short amount of time. I really struggled to figure out how exactly I would remember every adverse effect, manifestation, and black box warning about such a vast number of drugs/diseases… until… I remembered Picmonic and decided to check it out. THANK GOODNESS I DID! I went from doing horribly in a class to doing MUCH, MUCH better thanks to Picmonic. Their videos really highlight IMPORTANT DETAILS. I remember sitting in my chair during the test and being able to recall all of the Picmonics that I watched.
– Preeti Rao, Nursing student, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Mercer University

jake cI massively underestimated how useful Picmonic would be! I signed up with to test it with the intention of cancelling within the first seven days! But it has changed my life at med school! Rather than spending hours doing boring flashcards I’ve used Picmonic and integrated it with my Anki to speed up my retention! What used to take a few days now takes under an hour in some cases!
– Jake C., Med Student

Picmonic is BY FAR the most helpful resource I have used for learning pharmacology. Whenever I hear a drug name, I immediately imagine the Picmonic in my head!
– Heidi W., PA Student, Quinnipiac University

I was always a student who had trouble understanding hard concepts. Until I came across Picmonic it has helped me so much in school and now I am one of the top 3 students in my class. Thank you Picmonic!
– Angelys C., RN Student, Chamberlain University

betiana f
I’m so sad I didn’t hear about Picmonic sooner! I found out it about during finals season in Nursing school and I thought I was completely hopeless but decided to give Picmonic a try anyway, my grades could not go any lower anyway. So I did. And it was amazing! I’ve never been able to retain so much information in so little time! And when exam time came, I remembered almost everything I had seen on Picmonic because of the images that had been imprinted in my brain! I’m so happy with this product. It’s seriously worth EVERY PENNY and more! It saved my life and I’ve been telling everyone about it ever since!

– Betiana F., RN Student, Valencia Community College

My biggest regret about Picmonic is that I did not start using it sooner. I am so grateful for Picmonic!!!

Picmonic was a life changer! Made review easier and more fun to learn than PowerPoints or flashcards.

– Andee G., Med Grad, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine


I started using Picmonic for help in my pharmacology class. On the day of the exam, the easiest facts to recall were the ones I studied with Picmonic.
– Elizabeth L., Med Grad, Indiana University School of Medicine

Picmonic is the most powerful memory aid I’ve ever used. It’s impossible to forget stories like those of Taco-lioness and the Astronaut-police (for tacrolimus and azathioprine), both on test day and during clinicals. Plus Picmonic has an auto-generated spaced-repetition schedule that would have taken me hours of work every week to create myself.
– Charles D., Med Grad, University of Kansas School of Medicine

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Picmonic changed my methodology of study. I used to spend a lot of time to learn different topics; right now, I can just put the topics I need into a playlist and play the game. I have more time to review other things and increase my score every day.
– Maria L.,  Med Student, Central University of Venezuela Vargas School

I’m in my first semester of nursing school and I’ve been able to increase my scores on my pharmacology and pathophysiology tests from B- to B+/A-. I find the tutorials and quizzes easy to understand and useful as I can retain the content faster and longer due to the way the content is presented. I’ve found Picmonic invaluable to me and will continue to use it during each of my nursing school semesters.
– Lissette, RN Student, Long Island University

265 because of you!
– Mallori, Med Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 

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Great, to the point, concise videos that you can watch anywhere in your extra time.
– Corynne C., Med Student, Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport

Picmonic is a lifesaver. Pharmacology section saved me.
– Jonathan P., PA Student, New York Insititute of Technology

This has made learning complicated subjects so much easier. It doesn’t just have you memorize it actually teaches the main points
– Chyanne D., RN Student, Santa Monica College

Picmonic took down the stress level of learning new topics and re-learning information that I had already been familiar with. I felt much less overwhelmed with all of the material I was expected to know. Picmonic makes sense in my brain and I can use it on my phone, iPad, computer. I have the ability to use Picmonic whenever I have time and I can recall much more when it is test time. The price was steep for me, but since I took the plunge, I really do not regret it.
– Ragen H., NP Student, University of Michigan – Flint

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You guys rock. You make learning fun and (almost) effortless. You have no idea how good it feels to confidently answer exam questions all because I remember a Picmonic character during an exam. I’ve always felt that Picmonic is there to provide basic information before I dive into a topic and to reinforce high-yield information.

Personally, Picmonic works for me because things are kept short and simple. SketchyNursing seems to have a let-me-teach-you-everything-in-one-video approach. I couldn’t watch more than 8 min of the videos because I felt like I was wasting time on small details. You guys split up the videos into educational and story versions. I think breaking things up like that is much more effective than cramming everything into one video. I also like Picmonic because each topic is broken down into assessment, intervention, etc sections.

You guys are geniuses. Thank you so much for everything you do.
– Stella K, RN Student, Los Angeles City College

Marta LeewandowskaI was using Picmonic to prepare for my Pharmacology exam in med school, because remembering it all was a nightmare for me, for whom English is a second language. I scored 95%! I’ve been using Picmonic in all study fields since. 
– Marta, Med Student, Glasgow University

I love Picmonic! It’s good for most subjects and AMAZING for Pharmacology – I retain everything. Picmonic is goofier which helps – I keep it open in class and re-listen to audios when driving with Play All. It’s helpful that the drug brand names are included, and that a little of the stories & scene are included in the educational audio!

In comparison, SketchyNursing is more expensive, and the connections aren’t as strong. Their videos are 25 minutes long, taking too much time and work to find relevant content inside of a video.
– Lori G., RN Student, SUNY Buffalo

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I love Picmonic. I also checked out something similar called SketchyNursing. Picmonic is the better choice for me because 1) it’s short and better illustrated so it’s easy to remember. Sketchy is so long and drawn out and everything is lost in details I don’t need. 2) Picmonic’s iOS app makes it easy for daily review which is a must in nursing school. Thank you Picmonic for making studying fun and efficient.
– Steven D., RN Student, New York

Being an online student means so much more reading in less time. Using Picmonic is a great study aid because it enables me to learn the snippet of a large topic. It speeds up my learning, allowing me to quiz myself more regularly, which is why I need assistance too.
– Esmeralda S., RN Student, The University of Texas At Arlington

I worked 3 days a week during my second semester of nursing school. I had no off days as I was doing lecture and clinicals Monday through Thursday and worked Friday to Sunday. I only got through that semester because of Picmonic! They are so quick to review! This is what I try to use before an exam so I can have topics fresh on my mind.
– Sara G., RN Student, Austin Community College

The Acid/Base Picmonic was hands down the best learning tool for that topic. It made remembering AND understanding so much easier. ” You mad bruh, go blow off some CO2″ That will be forever embedded in my brain!
– Shelby, LPN Student, Upper Cape Cod RTS

Honestly, I found this website after I was held back in my Med-Surg I class. I was so discouraged.
After spending some time sulking, I decided to pick myself up and start finding resources that could help me out and I found Picmonic and I haven’t looked back since!
Now I am in my last year of my BSN program, currently in Med-Surg III! Now I am an advocate for Picmonic and even speak to the younger cohorts at my college and talk to them about this valuable resource and I get to hear how much it helps them!
– Rebecca C., RN Student, Baker College

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Picmonic helped me retain information I wasn’t retaining through reading alone. I’m a very visual learner, so these videos have been so helpful. Even if it’s only one or two facts that I retain, it’s more than I otherwise would have. And the videos are fairly quick. I love how I can take the quiz after to really cement the information I just learned. Perfect for nursing school!
– Pamma D., RN Student,  Western Governor’s University

Picmonic is excellent in clearing the basic concepts and understanding to build on further knowledge on dense (difficult) topics. It breaks down the main topic into sub-topics, for example Antidepressants has 10 subdivisions, like SSRI’s, TCA’s and MAO’s etc. SketchyNursing is very limited right now, but Picmonic has a lot of content covered.
– Mussarat A., RN Student, Virginia

My grades have really improved since using Picmonic…I wish I would have known how to effectively use it in my first and second semesters.
– Jonathan K., Med Student, Ross University School of Medicine

Picmonic blows the other guys out of the water. I like that there is a quiz for every Picmonic and how it stays simple. Every topic has a story and an educational view, plus, the characters are more original and out there. I can check out each individual character and read more about it on the side bar if I want to.

Sketchy characters were pretty plain and boring. I watched their Vancomycin video, and all I could picture was Picmonic’s van-tank mice representing the A-team! Their videos are WAY too long. The video I watched about loop diuretics was over 12 minutes long.

My favorite Picmonics have accelerated me past my peers are acid based and lab values. Keep up the great work at Picmonic!
– Matthew, RN Student, Idaho

First let me begin by saying that I love love love Wyatt. First introduced to Picmonic via YouTube. I couldn’t get enough so I made the investment. I believe it will be an invaluable tool through out my nursing education and career. Next subscription will be a lifetime. I’d recommend this tool to anyone taking any science courses.
– Rosalind W., RN Student, Charity Delgado College

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I am a super busy clinical supervisor, so I work well over 40+ hours a week. I also am in a vigorous Nurse Practitioner program. Taking three classes a week along with its workload are a lot! A classmate mentioned use of Picmonics to help with remembering all the pharmacology-related material. I was hooked after the free trial. I still remember the mnemonics and pictures for Pharm II. I highly recommend it for any medical program!
– Nancy C., NP Student, Simmons College

This stuff is amazing! The content sticks so much better with Picmonics!
– Daniel H., RN Student, University of Northern Colorado

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Victoria Chan
Picmonic has really helped me remember signs, symptoms, and lab values. A lot of times textbooks can have extra information that won’t come up on a test and Picmonic really helps pick out the important points to know. Picmonic is very very helpful and an efficient way to remember/study.
– Victoria Chan, Medical Student

Laura Lowry
Picmonic helped me to learn – and retain – complete cranial nerve information in under a day, and over a period of weeks I’ve finally got lab values for good. Before Picmonic I would study lab values but then forget them or get confused. No longer. Thanks, Picmonic!
– Laura Lowry, Nursing Student, Pasco Hernando Community College

I struggle with keeping concepts with multiple unique and overlapping facts separate from other similar concepts. e.g. microbiology, pharmacology, and pathology. Picmonic has helped me retain so much more information than my previous study methods due to the pictures, stories, and then information quizzes. I would recommend Picmonic to any student in the medical field. Its been awesome!
– Adam, Med Student, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

I am attending one of the evening/weekend part-time RN programs at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, FL. I am older than the average nursing student – 57 years old. I also work fulltime as an ophthalmic technician, which is a pretty demanding job. And I have the world’s worst memory. :/ I need to make the best use of the time I have to study, as it is a constant battle to balance my worklife with my schoolwork.

Picmonic has been so helpful to me not only with memorizing pharmacology information – drug classifications, mechanisms of action, etc – but also with nursing concepts. One of the handiest things is that many of the Picmonics are linked to my textbooks! So I can review all the Picmonics that are related to the topic we are covering in class, rather than having to scout around in random places to search for them.

I am a visual learner, so the vignettes the Picmonics team have created, combined with the crazy cartoon representations of meds, side effects, etc, have been amazingly helpful in helping me learn and retain the crush of information required for my classes. There is a handy quiz at the end of each Picmonic, as well as text accompanying the vignettes so I can read along to further cement the information in my mind.

I am particularly fond of all the beta fish associated with Beta-1 and Beta-2 receptors – the Beta-fish (2) Tutu and the Beta Fish with the (1) Wand, and don’t forget the Beta Blockers: the Beta Fish sitting on her throne of blocks, with her –olol sign. At first I though this whole idea was a bit lame but, when it came to taking my tests, my good grades proved otherwise. I am glad I have Picmonic to help me as I navigate the rest of my nursing program.

– Angela Ryals, RN Student, Palm Beach State College Nursing Program

Ryan Go
Picmonic has been a “God send” for me. I have always been a visual learner, which made remembering thousands of facts, tables, and unfamiliar terms a nightmare. Picmonic has made all of that so much more manageable and my goals that much more attainable.
– Ryan Go, Med Student, University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Centro College

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nakayla cI loveeeeee Picmonic! Just finished my 4th quarter of PA school and am so thankful for all of the crazy stories and images to help me get through the didactic phase!!! PA school would be impossible without Picmonic!
– Nakayla C., PA Student, University of St. Francis

ellen pPicmonic has been a nursing school lifesaver! It has helped me study and remember things when I thought I’d never get the hang of something!
– Ellen P., RN Student, Muskegon Community College

daniel lI’ve always been a visual learner but wasn’t creative enough to make my own mnemonics. Picmonic has great nursing Pharmacology cards that have made learning adverse effects and mechanisms so much easier! I’m excited to see how the rest of the nursing section Picmonics will work when I’m in clinicals!

– Daniel L., RN Student, University of Cincinnati


I like Picmonic better because the videos are short and to the point, compared to Sketchy, whose videos give extra info that honestly I don’t care about because I can read it in my book. Their graphics are boring and not memorable at all.
– Yeny M., RN Student

Jessica Ackley
Medical school is difficult because of the amount of information and the speed at which you have to learn it. Having resources like Picmonic makes it so much easier to tap into my own learning style to retain information more effectively.

– Jessica Fontes. Med Student, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson

 Heather Ann
Picmonic works. Plain and simple. You can curate to your specific curriculum. I am amazed at how well I remember things from a year ago thanks to Picmonics.
– Heather Ann, Med Student, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson


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Being in an online accelerated program requires much more reading in a shorter amount of time. With so much material per week to cover before exams, Picmonic helps consolidate the load by highlighting key facts that i can focus on. The speed in which material is covered is beneficial to my time restraint. I highly recommend it for the visual learner too.
– Esmeralda S., RN Student, The University of Texas at Arlington

Karl SchranzI still remember some of the first Picmonic videos I saw in my first few months of Medical School when my friend showed it to me. I was a believer after that.

– Karl S., Med Student, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Rashidah_B_picPicmonic has been a great help for my second-year medical school class. It has helped me a lot especially in memorizing drug names and actions. The quizzes and spaced repetition are the bonuses.

Students like me who are visual learners should use this app, I guarantee you will see improvement in your grade!
– Rashidah B., Med Student, Government Medical College, Jammu

Abigail HeckethornPicmonic 100% helped me with my confidence level and ability for taking the NCLEX, and I passed within the first 75 questions! The program pulled the most important concepts together for me, putting them in a story form that made it super easy to remember. I even had a few specific questions that I could not help but smirk at, because I could fall directly back on Picmonic’s informative -yet kind of comical – story lines. I do not regret my subscription whatsoever!   – Abigail H., Nursing Student

Matthew Moore
I tried reading all the books “Harrisons, Robins, Moore, etc.” I read for hours and forgot everything within three days. I got recommended Picmonic and my retention went through the roof. The daily review is awesome as you go through the semesters. I’m lost and have no hope of learning the info without Picmonic.
– Matthew M., Med Student, Xavier University School of Medicine

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Sarah Little
Picmonic is the funny way to learn about medicine. You will not be able to get the images out of your head, which is a good thing!
– Sarah Little, Nursing Student, Indian River State College

Karry Williamson
I love PICMONIC. It is so much easier to learn and remember everything I am learning in school.
– Karry Williamson, Nursing Student, University of Saint Francis

Nedosekin DmitryThe Picmonic platform is unique because it gathers Anatomy, Embryology, Pharmacology and Pathology under one roof. It also provides a way to memorize important facts that are not included into a collection of existing Picmonics. Custom Picmonics and modification of existing ones are the most valuable tool I have ever seen. No other platform allows you to do that (besides your old notebook)…
– Dmitry N., Med Student, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine

AbdelPicmonic helps me to ACE my school exams and Uworld questions. Picmonic is a really life and time saver!
– Abdel, Med Student, University of Sharjah College of Medicine and Surgery

Lauren Warner
My pharmacology instructor introduced our class to Picmonic and I fell in love right away. We went in as a group membership, and it’s been the best money I have spent on additional resources.
I just graduated and had the ‘4 Weeks to NCLEX®’ workbook and study planner printed and bound. I plan to utilize it and another review book to study for (and hopefully pass) the NCLEX® that I plan to take in 4 weeks.
– Lauren Warner, Nursing Student

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Jessica Wald
This service got me through a super accelerated Pharmacology in Nursing course. It got through my head everything that 4-hour lectures and a great-but-long textbook could not. 
– Jessica Wald, Nursing Student, Arizona State University


I was struggling before picmomic. There is so much info that text all runs together. It’s nice to have fun, often strange pictures to help separate everything in my mind.
– Jonathan Colegrove, Med student, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences Osteopathic College

Picmonic has helped me in a way that I didn’t think possible. The spaced repetition model you all have in the system is the best part. I have been able to retain the information better than any other method I have tried. This has been a game changer.
– Makeda., RN Student, Grayson County College

I am a visual learner. I used Picture mnemonics in my Allied Health class YEARS ago & still think of them this day. When I saw Picmonics; the art got me. I had my first exam & Picmonic helped me think through the answers. I know my friends are tired of me praising & tagging. But, as a skeptic, I HAVE to praise what works! Thank you Picmonic!
– Vanessa J., RN Student, Technical College of Low Country

Picmonic…is my best friend.
– Kyu-Jin J., Med Student, St. Martinus University School of Medicine

Other study methods pull me away sometimes, but I keep coming back to Picmonic, 
– Josh H., Med Student, University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

Chauntae Kingsley
Even though I just starting using this (I’m 4 weeks in to my Nursing Program), it has helped me tremendously. Im not sure why or how, but the unique characters with their crazy names, really helps me remember everything!
– Chauntae Kingsley, Nursing Student, Hillsborough Community College

breannePicmonic is an amazing studying source. It utilizes multiple studying tools such as visual learning, auditory learning, and memory. It is a creative way to remember the pathophysiology and key facts about each topic. I would highly recommend Picmonic to any classmate or student.
– Breanne, PA Student, University of Charleston

I have to say, you guys helped do great in my Step.
– Andrei, Med Student

Mina Abbaslou
Before knowing Picmonic, I would always skip Microbiology section, not anymore, because I have confidence in memorizing the details.
– Mina Abbaslou, Med Student

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I love picmonic! Not only was it a huge help for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 study, but it continues to prove useful studying for residency boards. I can’t recommend this product enough! 
– Kevin M., PGY-3 Dermatology Resident

allison sPicmonic helped me tremendously with hard to remember pathologies. So worth the time to learn them.
– Allison S., Med Student

alena tI love Picmonic! I am now a new nurse and can still recall many of the videos that I watched a year ago when I first started school.
– Alena T., RN Student, Florida State College at Jacksonville

anna ePicmonic was so impressive as a med student, that I’m using it in residency to study for ABSITE. – Anna E., Med Student

heather t
…THANK YOU! Picmonic has been a huge help to me!
– Heather T, RN Student, Casper College

trey d
Picmonic has been a game changer in studying for nursing classes. The visuals with term and definitions have changed how I can relate topics to recognize the key points on tests and when people ask me about certain things in the clinical setting.
– Trey D., RN Student, John Brown University

steven pPicmonic is a great tool to encourage your brain to remember the things you are already learning in school. The little videos help to reinforce content and are great to go back even after exams just to review.
– Steven P., LPN Student, Paris Junior College

nancy sPicmonic has changed my life as a nurse. It is an accurate resource both for nursing facts as well as a place to improve my nursing knowledge.
– Nancy S., NP Student

With Picmonic you can assimilate the important information within one to three minutes, instead of spending copious time studying to remember drugs and their classes, drug mechanisms of action, disease constellations and treatments, and microorganism names and characteristics.

– Matt H., 
Med Grad, University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine

Yep. Just 1-3 minutes per topic.


When it comes time for a test, Picmonic pictures are the main thing that stick with me. I like the different aspects of it – the story (if I need extra help remembering the picture), the educational part, the blurbs at the bottom (super helpful when they expound the picture), and especially the quizzes! The information is right on point and usually gives me the same facts that I need to know for class. And I have found much to my delight that the information sticks so much better when I study with Picmonic!

SketchyNursing just didn’t have as memorable a product. Many of the Picmonics that I like are pictures about certain health conditions that I am learning about, and SketchyNursing did not offer those that I could see. Each of their pictures was a little overwhelming, having 25 or so things to remember for each picture. I’m not convinced that I need all that information in one picture. Picmonic is much better, having an easily manageable amount of information in each picture.

– Natalie P., RN Student, Southern Connecticut State University

Picmonic covers many more topics, and I like that they have shorter videos (avg. 2 min), and that videos are broken into parts. I like how Picmonic separates videos on one topic into two parts or more (eg med-surg assessment and interventions) instead of having an overload.

Reading the available transcripts helps to solidify things that are hard to remember or follow. All characters/symbols are in the video, all are shown in the beginning, and each one can be clicked on for elaboration. Spaced repetition is also nice as well as the NCLEX workbook – the 4 week and 6 week plan with linked playlists are great.

With SketchyNursing, the unpaid experience is mediocre. There is no freedom to select a video, but rather one free vid for each category. Their videos are much longer (11-26+ mins), with the facts separated. Only pharm was available; Pharm is not the only topic that appears on the NCLEX. I don’t see the sense in forking over the same amount I pay for Picmonic (or more for the 6 & 12 month subscription) to only get pharmacology review.

– Cecily R., Nursing Student, New York

I could not be more thrilled with the way Picmonic has helped me perform in class. Studying has been more fun and memorable since I became a member. What I like about Picmonic is that when it comes time for a test, Picmonic pictures are the main thing that stick with me. I like the different aspects of it – the story (if I need extra help remembering the picture), the educational part, the blurbs at the bottom (super helpful when they expound the picture), and especially the quizzes! The information is right on point and usually gives me the same facts that I need to know for class. And I have found much to my delight that the information sticks so much better when I study with Picmonic!  
– Natalie, Nursing Student, Southern Connecticut State University  

I was getting D’s in Nursing Pharmacology…now get A’s and B’s! I spend less time studying and it’s fun, I love Picmonic. Following along with my book makes it easy to use. I checked out a similar system called SketchyNursing that was was not a fan of. Their videos were too long, the colors and stories were boring, it just didn’t stick like Picmonic images do. On exams Picmonic images pop in my head and I remember all the little details so easily. I was so stressed last semester and now I am confident, I am going to become a nurse!
– Shannon, Nursing Student, Pima West 

I absolutely love Picmonic. I am an LPN and went to a vocational school. I’m now considering going back to school. I started using Picmonic to refresh myself in preparation. I have learned and retained more information with this product than I did in school. I learned the info in nursing school long enough to pass a test, but with Picmonic I’m retaining info and able to use it during critical thinking exercises. This is a vital app for any nursing student. Thanks, Picmonic!
– Daniels1314, RN Student

Picmonic is the GREATEST! I’ve been using Picmonic ever since my second week of medical school. Now as a fourth year, I continue to reap the benefits of this memory learning tool! The numerous facts that Picmonic has embedded into my memory make me into a better clinician. You should use it!

– Lucasso, 4th Year Med Student

Got my Step 1 score recently = 251! I’ve used Picmonic for about a year and a half and this was the best resource for me, before Picmonic I couldn’t remember even my name LOL!
Andrei, Med Student (MS3), Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana


I just wanted to give a MASSIVE shoutout to all you wonderful peeps at Picmonic. I took my NCLEX RN exam July 10th. I was a bag of nerves..the computer turned off at 227 questions. I panicked! Turned out. I passed. What a relief. All due to those great Picmonic moments and the support. Thanks soooo muck. Pass is definitely GUARANTEED.
– Rose H., Nursing Student, Cox College

Picmonic is incredible and I thank you all for our success in medical school! It is THE best thing I have ever purchased!

Picmonic is such an easy way to remember information about disease symptoms (from Crohn’s disease, to strokes, to cardiac pathology, etc. etc.), and how to diagnose and treat diseases. Picmonic also has mechanisms and side effects for all medications you need to know for STEP, and all the bacteria/viruses/and fungi you can imagine.

Some people in the past have used SketchyMicro and SketchyPharm but the animations are not as good, they are overwhelmed with details, and take too long to get through. With Picmonic, the pictures are simple, easy to remember, and very fast to learn and get through!

– 4th year Med Student

Oh my gosh! I am so excited and HAPPY that I passed the ANCC Board examination for FNP!! I definitely feel that using Picmonic was SO HELPFUL to remember many of the facts that I needed to know! Picmonic was helpful, in that the “really dry” information (you know… that stuff that makes you nod off mid-sentence?) was presented in a manner which kept my attention. The Picmonics made remembering each point easy by hearing, seeing and imagining a similar memorable object. I am VERY THANKFUL that I accidentally came across this program!

– Mary B., 
NP Student, Chamberlain College of Nursing

Ready to remember facts easier?


Sketchy is missing many things you need to know. I turn to Picmonic for learning Biochemistry, vitamins, embryology, musculoskeletal system. The quiz feature is an added bonus that helps me retain what I’ve learned.

– Justin, 
Med Student, University of Toledo College of Medicine

The quizzes allow for active learning!
– Peter, Med Student, University of South Dakota

I’m a first year medical student. Picmonic is a great review system or introduction to many subjects.
– Ricardo C., Med Student, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine

Sketchy has too many details on each slide. Also, sketchy doesn’t have funny stories like Picmonic, so it doesn’t use as much of your memory to anchor the ideas. Now that Picmonic has the pages of Pathoma in the browse section, it is easy for me to correlate what I am learning in pathology with the memory anchors I need to keep it all straight. Finally, Sketchy doesn’t have a good spaced repetition quiz like Picmonic.
– Robin, Med Student, St. George’s University School of Medicine

Picmonic quizzes you over the content, and is really useful beyond micro and pharm!
– Heather, Med Student, Indiana University School of Medicine


I seriously can’t thank your team enough for the incredible work you have put into building this resource. I’m glad to say it’s been critical in helping me not only get straight A’s in the first 3 semesters of PA school, but to do so efficiently and save so much time! Not to mention I can easily recall things from previous classes 6 months ago. Thanks again!!
– Joe, PA Student, Mercer University

Picmonic takes less time to learn more centered information. You can also add in your own facts.
– Glendalyn, Med Student, University of Colorado School of Medicine

I just wanted to give a MASSIVE shoutout to all you wonderful peeps at Picmonic. I took my NCLEX RN exam July 10th. I was a bag of nerves..the computer turned off at 227 questions. I panicked! Turned out. I passed. What a relief. All due to those great Picmonic moments and the support. Thanks soooo much. Pass is definitely GUARANTEED
– RE Harris, RN

My last hope for pharmacology; it got me through nursing school.
– Cecily R., Nursing Student

I am an old new grad still looking for my first nursing job. I take RN refresher courses, and I utilize Picmonics to aid my memory. I appreciate the program; it provides textbook information without the textbook.
– Marian, Nursing Student

Picmonic is a great tool to memorize facts in an effective and efficient way! Try it and you’ll love it!
– Pol, Med Student

Picmonic has helped me a lot through my continued nursing education. I am a visual learner and I can recall some of the things I forget by thinking about the Picmonic associated with the lesson.
– Vanessa J., Nursing Student, Technical College of Low Country

I use Picmonics to help remember the key concepts associated with nursing topics. I find the fast audio clips help me focus on the main concepts, while the quiz answers fill in the blanks.
– Victoria J., Nursing Student, Rasmussen College – Moorhead

It’s a great system to help you remember.

– Tanya., Nursing Student

Picmonic is learning made fun. I feel like I am learning through cartoons!
– Shreena N., Nursing Student, Unitek College – Fremont

Ready to have more fun learning?


My FAVORITE resource! Really makes it STICK! 
– Jeremy R., Nursing Student, Excelsior College

This website has been the difference between passing and failing in my NP program. 
– Sarah M., NP Student, Vanderbilt University

I love Picmonic! It’s one of the only things that’s gotten me through pharmacology! 
– Victoria C., Med Student, University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Picmonic got me through med school and is still useful in residency. Absolutely one of the most important resources for this career.
– Joshua V., DO


If you want a long lasting memory which is not volatile upon closing the book, Picmonic is the way to go!
– Samrat, Med Student, Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences

It truly is a revolutionary learning system- it’s been helping me TREMENDOUSLY through path and pharm. I’ve been telling everyone I can about it- I’m just so excited to see the hike in my grades as well as my retention of the material. I feel so much less stress starting to prep for Step 1 with Picmonic in my back pocket. I can’t sing your praises high enough!
– Victoria N., Med Student

Picmonic is amazing! I wouldn’t have been able to remember all of the glycogen, lysosomal and amino acid disorders without it.
– Vidisheva, Med Student, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson


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