Picmember of the Week: Ozzie Beery


Another week, another amazing Picmonic team member to introduce to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ozzie Beery.

This creative genius (and former deep sea diver) has been coming up with all your favorite unforgettable picture mnemonics and narratives for some time now, and it’s time to give him the recognition he deserves. A conceptor, creator, crazy kid…that’s Ozzie.

Give me a one-sentence bio to tell us who you are.
My name is Ozzie, but you can call me Oz-um. I’m from Washington State, and I love lamp.

(For the record, that was two sentences. He’s a rule breaker, people.) In five words, describe your role at Picmonic.
Have day dreams for display.


You’re the mastermind behind most of our weird mnemonic characters. It might sound like an impossible task, but who’s your fave character?
I would have to say Pencil-Villain, only because he was one of my first. It’s not like he’s ever saved me after a long weekend in Mexico or anything.

If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you be doing?
Diving. I’ve always wanted to be Ed Harris in The Abyss, but I’m more like the nerdy guy whose best friend is a rat.

If you could hear the thoughts of any person for an entire day, who would it be?
Any crazy guy would do. I figure I’d gain a fresh perspective on most everything. And if I didn’t, that would also be useful information.

Describe your spirit animal.
He’s a lot like Gizmo from Gremlins. There are several oddly specific and unreasonable rules dealing with his proper care. So of course I assume they’re made to be broken and calamity ensues.

If you were forced to get another tattoo today, on the spot, what would it be?
Earlier today, I actually told our artist Jenny that she could give me portrait of my Pomeranian, Baxter. He would have to look like one of my embarrassing school pictures with rock-hard parted hair and flannel. It’s good to remember where you come from.

What’s your greatest pet peeve?
I am really annoyed by the public restrooms which require me to pull the door open from the inside. Should I even bother washing that finger before I leave?

Tell us about some place you’ve been in the past year, and someplace you want to go in the next year.
I was under the sea last year. I want to fly next year.

Fill in the blank:

When I was little, I refused to: believe I could embarrass my mother when she wasn’t the one acting like an idiot.

I love drinking: someone’s chew spit when: I think it’s my beer.

I feel most at peace: with Erika.

My room is: a mess because: she hasn’t moved here yet, neener neener.

The best part of my job is: everyone I work with.

Scenario: You just got hired at In & Out Burger as a fry cook, but by some twisted brilliance of fate, you’re accidently promoted to a corporate concoction creator. Describe the new menu item that you’re going to introduce to the board.
It would be a menu item so delicious that they would finally put In & Outs in every state. It’s sad how long I lived without one.

Scenario: Using a clever time machine, you’re transported back to second grade. It’s show and tell day tomorrow, and you have once chance to bring something in that will make you the coolest kid in school forever. Knowing what you know now, what do you bring in to show?
Poorly illustrated episodes of Sponge Bob.

Scenario: You’re on the cover of Time magazine. What’s the headline of the cover story?
“Why not?”

Scenario: Brock woke up in a deserted hospital completely unaware of how he got there. Upon exiting the hospital, he determined he was in the zombie apocalypse. His immediate course of action for attempting to reunite with his family was to find you. What are you going to do once you and Brock reunite?

First of all, I reassure him that we aren’t stuck in an episode of Walking Dead and I’m not having relations with Lori. I know how that turns out. Then, I take Brock back to my lair and we prepare for our journey. We load up my muzzled pet zombies with enough supplies for many moons. Then we get distracted and laugh for a bit when they try to bite us with the muzzles on. It looks like they’re trying to cuddle with us by nuzzling against our necks. We take a few pictures for the Headbangers Instagram and hit the road.

Final words to leave with our readers?
Thank you.

Well there you have him folks. If you’ve been wondering where all the crazy comes from in each of our images, now you know.

Alana Yuen

Alana Yuen, Artist, Events Coordinator & Student Success Ninja

As one of Picmonic’s artists, Alana enjoys drawing the characters that represent the crazy facts you need to remember. She also helps set up Picmonic info sessions for schools across the world. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and considers herself the official “east coast branch” of Picmonic.

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