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Picmonic is an education technology company revolutionizing the way people learn across the world. As a trusted member of the Picmonic community, we invite you to participate in our mission through an investment opportunity.


The Visual Learning Community

Who are we?

  • Picmonic is the only research proven and patented web and mobile Visual Mnemonic Learning Platform.
  • Picmonic empowers anyone to create, learn and share picture mnemonics (“Picmonics”) to make studying more effective and fun.

Where are we today?

  • Revenue generating and used by 200,000+ students in healthcare education in over 100 countries. 
  • $5 million invested and venture capital backed with industry leaders, like Matthew Pittinsky & Bobby Babbrah on the Board of Directors. 
  • We want to reach and empower even more students in the coming years. So we are extending an equity investment opportunity to our beloved community, and invite you or your family to join us.

* To invest in Picmonic’s current financing, you must be an accredited investor. If one of the following statements is true, you are likely accredited.
-- I make over $200,000 a year
-- My net worth is over $1 million
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This is your opportunity to help millions of learners around the world make the impossible, possible.

Investment round limited and closing soon!

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We have a really big problem in education!

The information revolution is here, yet the modern day student is dependent on antiquated methods of learning & retaining info.  

Students now need to know more, recall it faster, and take it into the field more quickly and confidently than ever before.

Yet, schooling hasn’t changed. Tradition and textbook teaching rule classrooms.

Expectations for student performance continue to climb. Pressure to perform is at an all time high. Students stress more and feel less confident in this competitive environment. Learning stops being fun, and instead becomes a means to the end--your main pathway to industry.

We’re here to change that!

Interested in joining our edtech venture?

If you are interested in helping us build the future of education for not only students in the healthcare industry, but everyone, then let us know and we will send you more information.


Wondering why we’re opening up this opportunity? Students who’ve used and loved Picmonic have asked us about opportunities for themselves, family, and friends to invest, so we carved out a slice of our existing Series A round for you to partake. With amazing success in medical and nursing education, it's now time to bring Picmonic to the world.

Feel free to email with questions. 

This offer is open only to “accredited investors,” as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D, and is made in accordance with Regulation D, Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. An investment in the Company entails a high degree of risk and no assurance should be given that the Company’s objectives will be achieved or that the investors will receive a return of their capital. This offering is based in part on assumptions that the Company believes are reasonable, however, may be inaccurate.  This offering, by its nature, is speculative, and actual results achieved during the periods presented may differ materially from those that are set forth herein. Potential investors should consider the risks, charges, and expenses involved in this offering prior to investing. All offering documents should be read carefully prior to investment. The information contained herein is confidential, and recipient shall maintain the confidentiality of the information.