Conversations with Med Students, Part 4: California Chatter

Perceptions, understandings, and conclusions about med students, based on conversations with med students, from the perspective of me: not-a-med-student.

Yesterday, another one of our amazing campus advocates invited us to host a lunch event at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. Our journey to southern California was short and sunny (thank god), and filled with feedback from a brand new group of students.

We like to keep our presentations relatively informal, more of a Q & A than a formalized demonstration. While med students are eager to see Picmonic in action, we find that they’re usually more eager to engage with us about how it works, how it’s created, and what’s coming next. USC was no different.

During our chat, a couple of students gave us an awesome bit of feedback.

“We wish we’d always had this to study with, rather than just using it for Step 1 prep. This would have been valuable as a first year too.”

We’ve been hearing this for a while, and we want to clear it up: Picmonic is not just a Step 1 study tool. It’s applicable to students at all stages of their medical education. Fortunately for us, Keck students witnessed this first hand, and hopefully the word about Picmonic will start to trickle down to the first year class. We love that students are starting to consider Picmonic a mainstay in their typical curriculum, rather than a cram tool.

This factor contributed to our organization of stacks in the Picmonic store. We’re not just selling a single, comprehensive product for Step 1. Students can subscribe to subject stacks of more narrowly focused information and concepts. This is perfect when you’re studying for micro exams, when you need to brush up on leukemias and lymphomas, or when you’re struggling to keep the Gram Negative and Positive bacteria straight.

So for any skeptics out there, any first year med students who haven’t even started creating a Step 1 study plan, any one at any stage of med school: consider us now! Sign up for a free trial and start exploring how Picmonic can be incorporated into your studies right away.


Ron Robertson

Ron Robertson, Co-founder & CEO, Picmonic Inc.

Ron Robertson founded Picmonic as a 3rd-year medical student at the University of Arizona. He’s at the helm of Picmonic’s mission to lead and inspire a new era of learning through innovative and effective educational solutions. Ron holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of San Diego with a focus on memory science, is the product visionary behind Picmonic, and is involved in every aspect of the company.

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